Dr. Andy Curran

Dr. Andy Curran, Faculty Advisor

Dr. Andy Curran, Faculty Advisor

I have been The Lantern’s advisor since 2012, and I led the effort to move it into an all-digital format. I am a tenured full Professor of Digital Media Technology and Super Coordinator of Technology Programs in UC-Clermont’s Business, Law, & Technology Department. I have been at UC-Clermont since 2001, and teaching media and technology since 1990. I worked in broadcasting, mostly as  a radio on-air talent from 1974-1999. I earned a Doctor of Education degree from UC in 2012, a Master’s degree in Education from UC in 1996, and a Bachelor of Science in Communication from Ohio University in 1977.

I majored in Curriculum and Instruction and Instructional Design and Technology at UC, and in Radio-Television Management at OU. I am a big music and sports fan. I study digital media constantly. My wife and I have been married since 1978. We have three grownup daughters. No sons-in-law, pets, or grandkids. I was born in New York City, and I try to visit there every few years.

You can email me at: andy.curran@uc.edu


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