Loren & Sherry Stuckert addresses UC Clermont ’15


The UC Clermont College held a special commencement program for its graduating students, families and friends on Friday, May 1st at Oasis Conference Center in Loveland, Ohio. The event which kicked off at 7pm with the singing of the national anthem by Tony Gentry, a UC Clermont College Staff, was immediately followed by a welcome speech by Gregory Sojka the Dean of UC Clermont College where he enjoined everyone to be merry and avoid the “noise of silence”.

Patricia Friel, a Professor of the college, introduced the keynote speaker of the day as Loren and Sherry Stuckert. Although Loren Stuckert was unavailble, his beloved wife Sherry was present to address the crowd at about 7:28pm.DSC_0098

Mrs. Sherry Stuckert, graduated with honors from UC Clermont College in 1994 with an Associate of Arts degree in Pre-Secondary Education. While at UC Clermont, she was awarded an Outstanding Student Award for Public Speaking and Communication several years in a row. Mrs. Stuckert went on to earn her Bachelors of Arts with honors (Cum Laude) from NKU in English Education and with areas of concentration in education and business communication in 1996.

She addressed the graduating students at the Oasis Center on Friday, May 1st and advised them to be determined and work hard as anything no matter how strong can be broken down in a day. Mrs. Stuckert told the crowd her family’s story about how they were broken down and had to stand up again. Her family was a beneficiary of the then grant-supported program called You Expect Success (Y.E.S.) program, which enabled them attend college whilst taking care of five children. The Stuckert family which was well represented at the event showed a good example of falling down seven times, and standing up eight times.


The event ended after Noah Maisel, a UC College Student addressed the students and advised his graduating mates to be of best behaviour out in the world.


Dean Gregory Sojka, with the power confined in him conveyed upon the graduating students their well deserved diplomas and ended with the words “We shall meet again tomorrow at Clifton, where President Santa and I shall convey unto you your well earned degrees”.

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