Preparing for Finals Week

By Jeremy Davis

It has been looming in the back of your mind for months, patiently waiting to strike. It has been creeping its way toward you and it is nearly here: final exams week. Surviving finals can often seem like a daunting task, but don’t fret. Take a deep breath and try to remain calm.

It’s way too easy to allow yourself to feel overwhelmed in the midst of studying for finals and the stress that builds from it can sometimes be crippling. But if you plan ahead and prepare, make use of the right resources, and keep a cool head, making it to the other side of finals without a scratch can be possible.

As a UC Clermont student, you have a vast and wide array of resources and tools available to you that can better equip you in achieving a finals week victory. Perhaps the most valuable, yet simplest resource you can have while studying for finals is a quiet place to work. A classic place for hitting the books for many, the campus library, located in room 120 in the Peter-Jones Building, is just the right place they need to stay focused. There is plenty of space available with tables, textbooks on any subject, and several computers all at your disposal to meet your study needs.

The Learning Center, which can be found in room 100 in McDonough Hall here on campus, should be another top destination for those seeking to do some serious studying. Here, you’ll find the space and resources you need to assuredly conquer anything finals can throw at you.

“The Learning Center has multiple professional tutors available and also student tutors available,” said Mary Sefcik, an Academic Math Tutor at The Learning Center. “If students have any questions before finals or they want to come and study, they can come in here and they can set up appointments or just walk in and they can work with any of the tutors that we have here.” Need help with math or science? The Learning Center has the tutor you need. Additionally, tutors who can help with writing, accounting, and various other subjects, are all available to you as well.

In addition to tutors on all subjects, you can also have access to their broad range of textbooks and computers or just find a small study space to call your own. “There’s also just space available,” said Mary. “Students can just come in and work with groups of people and study together; we have groups of students doing that right now. There’s also computers if they want to get on and work on whatever they need to for finals, they can do that as well.”

The Learning Center also hosts several resources on their website such as links to some of the best online help for math, science, and writing as well as several powerpoint presentations on note taking, staying motivated, reading, and general study skills available for download.

Perhaps the greatest factor in surviving finals week is to remain calm and keeping your stress level from hitting critical. For that, Mary offers some advice. “I think working ahead and giving yourself plenty of time to prepare is definitely a good idea; don’t wait until the last minute. There’s a lot of students that come in and they’re very frantic. It definitely helps if you’re prepared ahead of time for that. Give yourself enough time.”

If you feel the weight of your notes and textbooks falling down upon you, just take a quick breather. “It always helps if you’re feeling overwhelmed to just step away from it for a second. Go do something else for like ten minutes and then come back with a fresh mind so that you’re not just continuously getting overwhelmed. Also, it just helps to talk to other people about it because if you’re having questions about something, chances are that somebody else does too. Just talk it through with other people so that you guys can come up with ideas of how to remember things and just working through it with groups of people, I think, is the best way so that you’re not feeling so stressed and alone and worried about tests.”

The end of a semester should not spell academic doom as you stare down the ugly face of final exams. If you have a sound strategy and prepare in advance, you’ll get the results that you want.  So relax, take a deep breath, and prepare for battle. Good Luck!

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