UC Clermont: Where Dreams Come True

By Shannon Mallaley

Three UC Clermont students have realized their dreams here at UC Clermont. Heidi Ludwig is a Social work, Human Social Services Technology, & Addiction major. Heidi is graduating Magna Cum Laude and received the Outstanding Human Social Services Technology/Addictions Student award. Noah Maisel is an Addictions major and Sheri Albers is an Addictions and Substance Abuse Prevention major.

Heidi and Noah have dreamed of being in the helping profession since their childhood. They both envisioned providing a nest filled with compassion, openness, respect and education for all to feel safe, welcome and get the support they need to realize their strengths. The three met in Professor R.Butts Group skills class here at UC Clermont a few short years ago. Since then, they have been tenacious and determined to gather the skills and tools needed to realize their dreams.

One year ago the trio applied for their 501C-3 grant and are on the cusp of receiving the grant. They have been scouting for real-estate locations and have narrowed their search to a respective location in Milford Ohio. Noah stated that the grant will be used for startup funds and that the ultimate goal of the Phoenix Nest is to be an independent Community and Family outreach program who is directly responsible to its population. Heidi is now Executive Director, Noah is Assistant Executive Director of Program Services, and Sheri Albers is Assistant Director of administration and operations of the Phoenix Nest community center.

The Phoenix Nest will be an all-inclusive community center. The Nest will provide an open atmosphere that educates community on the needs of the youth in their community to become healthy, productive adults. The Phoenix Nest takes a strong stand on Anti-Bullying and will promote understanding and acceptance for many diverse lifestyles. The Nest will provide healthy values and a safe environment, rich with opportunity for kids to be kids.

Phoenix Nest’s target demographic is 10-18 year olds. The Nest hopes to offer many different educational resources from A-Z tutoring, job & life skills, economic & budgeting classes as well as a safe haven for children whose parents work and are not always able to help with their children’s homework and other needs due to their stretched out schedules. In the future the Nest hopes to provide an annex for the entire family.

Children dreaming of an all-inclusive safe place where they can help their community to grow and thrive, realize their dream here at University of Cincinnati Clermont by taking their degrees out into the world and giving back to the community with The Phoenix Nest Community Center.