PACES Spends the Day in Cincinnati

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By Zach Fluehr

Photos by Kasey Arnett

On Wednesday April 15th, PACE took a small group of students on a trip to Cincinnati for almost the entire day. This was the last event by PACE before the semester’s end.

The first stop was at the main Tom + Chee restaurant in Cincinnati, a business dedicated to making grilled cheese and tomato soup. Students got the chance to talk to Trew Quackenbush, one of the founders. Both Trew and his partner Corey Ward visited UC Clermont a few weeks prior to talk about their restaurant. Trew talked to the group about how Tom + Chee got it’s start, and how it eventually grew to what it currently is today. After asking several questions by the group, Trew took them on the tour throughout the newly renovated offices and restaurant.

The next stop was Findlay Market in Over-The-Rhine. It is the oldest public market that’s still operating in Ohio. Students ate here for lunch, being given the ability to eat at any stand or restaurant present in the market.

John Schneider , an advocate for the Cincinnati Streetcar, proceeded to give the group a tour about the Streetcar shortly after lunch had ended. Along the way, students were shown the Cincinnati Music Hall.

The final stop of the day was at the main headquarters for Procter & Gamble. Students were required to bring out IDs in the form of a driver’s license in order to gain access to the upper floors. The first person they spoke to was Brand Manager Sean Lee. He led marketing campaigns for two of P&G’s brands; Iams and Old Spice, and actually created ideas for some of the commercials for the products. His job as Brand Manager is also responsible for driving equity of P&G brands in order to grow market shares.

Lee talked about how P&G helps its workers succeed in the company, and how an employee can change their position every two to three years to prevent the onset of boredom.  His advice on succeeding with P&G was to be critical, cooperative, and be willing to change your strategies. The attributes that one must also possess are leadership skills and strategic/analytical thinking.

Liz Franks was the next employee to speak for P&G. She went over the company along with the application process. Proctor and Gamble got its start in 1837, and since then has over 100 different brands in 180 different countries. Over one hundred thousand employees currently work for P&G. The company promotes from within, recruiting college students via internship programs to ensure that they are given a lifetime career that contains a lot of variety to work with. Franks said that 95% of students with intern/co-op experience are more likely to find a job upon graduation. She then overviewed the different functions of the company.

Franks discussed the application process to the group. The application itself can be found online at, and involves two online assessments that measure the applicant’s skills and accomplishments that don’t emerge from interviews. These assessments help P&G determine if they’re the best fit for the applicant. After two interviews and a reasoning test, the applicant is then given the job offer should they succeed in the application process.

Before the students completed their trip, they were given a tour of P&G’s historical timeline located near the company’s archives. This was where they learned about the origins of some of P&G’s biggest brands such as Tide and Crest. They were also given a brief history on how the company got off the ground in Cincinnati, Ohio. After the tour ended, the group returned back to UC Clermont.

PACE students not only got the opportunity to tour throughout Cincinnati for almost an entire day, but they were also given the opportunity to learn about the businesses that have started in the city. The trip also served as a way for students to learn about job opportunities that they can apply for in the future.