UC Kicks Off Social Media Week

By Zach Fluehrimage 

If you were disappointed by the lack of events that happened last week due to the weather, then prepared to get satisfied this week! From February 23rd to February 27th, University of Cincinnati will be holding Social Media Week at Main Campus, Blue Ash, and even Clermont College.

With over twenty-five different events, Social Media Week aims to help improve and strengthen UC’s social media community. Students will be able to learn techniques on how to utilize social media to it’s maximum potential by listening to discussions regarding social media. These skills can then be used to achieve career and advancement goals.

Here’s the list of SMW events, direct from the UC website, that will be going on at UC Clermont College:

Tuesday February 24, 2015:

Insta-Tours for Visiting Students – 1:00PM – UC Clermont Student Services Room 100

“Planning a visit to UC Clermont? Join us during Social Media Week and be a part of UC’s activities. Snap pictures of your favorite stops on the tour, and use #UCSMW15 and tag @UCClermont on Instagram to join our online community and Social Media Week fun!”

(This event will also be available on Wednesday and Friday at the same time slot)

Wednesday February 25, 2015:

Instagram Gallery Contest Finalists’ Exhibit and Artists’ Reception – Noon ~ 1:00PM – UC Clermont Park National Bank

“Excellent application of the Perpetua filter…or is that Ludwig? Enjoy refreshments and discuss the finer points of finessing photos with fellow Instagrammers as you browse a gallery of the prettiest of pretty pics. Our grand prize winners will be revealed at noon!”

Thursday February 26, 2015

Get Social, Get Savvy, Get Hired! – 11:00 ~ 12:20PM – UC Clermont Snyder Hall 143

“From Twitter to Instagram, your presence on social media can have a major impact on your ability to land and keep a job. Learn more about your social media footprint, how to build your personal brand and how to leverage social media to help you get hired!”

Professional Headshots – 12:30 ~ 3:00PM – UC Clermont Snyder Hall 143

“If you want to be a social media pro, you’d better look like one. Ditch the duck face/that selfie and get a professional headshot for your profile pics, courtesy of UC Clermont Alumni Relations.”

For a complete list of events this week, visit UC’s website via the link below: