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Things As They Are

By Sean Shaffar During the past semester, several veterans and veteran workers have been interviewed, their opinions on the current situation inquired upon from pessimism to optimism, from idle observations […]

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UC Clermont Demolishes Southern State: 104-72

Originally posted on The Lantern:
[gallery type="slideshow" ids="2709,2710,2711,2712,2713,2714,2715,2716,2717,2718,2719,2720,2721,2722,2723,2724,2725,2726,2727,2728,2729,2730,2731,2732,2733"] The UC-Clermont Cougars ripped the Southern State basketball team apart starting right from the beginning of the game. The Clermont team, which…

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“Do you want me to strike a pose?” “Haha, you already did though” “I know, I just feel some people always want to ask for things before taking it. Courtesy it […]

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